Retrofit of sorting lines and conveyors is a process that consists of the modernisation and optimisation of existing equipment in the field of parcel sorting. The aim of the retrofit is to increase the productivity, efficiency and safety of sorting processes, reduce maintenance and operation costs, and extend the life of the equipment. Retrofit of sorters includes, for example, overhaul of old components, new electrical installation, installation of new software solutions, integration of new sensors and cameras, but also a total redesign of the solution adapting the lines to the changing needs and requirements of the customer.

Increase in performance, efficiency and reliability

As part of our consulting activities and solution design, we emphasize the overall efficiency of the equipment. We focus on three critical factors of logistics and the production processes: Uptime, performance and quality. The retrofit concept helps to maintain all technologies at the High-End level in the long term. This enables our customers to subsequently monitor the technology and subsequently brings the possibility of managing performance, efficiency and reliability.

Reducing the impact on the environment

In production, the most energy-demanding part of the delivery of logistics solutions is the production of conveyors. It also leaves the biggest carbon footprint. The production of 1 km of conveyor leaves a carbon footprint of 14.50 kilograms of CO2. At the same time, the control logic and control system give the conveyors the main added value.

Reduction of operating, maintenance or repair costs

Reducing the cost of operation, maintenance or repairs is an important goal for any business that wants to increase its profitability and competitiveness. Replacing old components or part of the solution with new ones will have an overall impact on more economical operation. It also significantly reduces overall operating costs due to higher reliability and cheaper maintenance.

Life extension

The lifetime of each technology is the lifetime of the component with the shortest lifetime. Conveyors have the highest part of the project investment, the longest service life and at the same time the lowest added value. We monitor and evaluate the development of trends in the field of maintenance. We transform this data into reporting for both company management and the service department of your partners with the aim of creating a prerequisite for further growth and development of the company.

Improving design, functionality or user comfort

Both logistics and e-commerce are very dynamic segments. One of the goals of our retrofit program is to adapt our customers' technologies so that they are in line with current business needs.

Openness of the interface for the introduction of Industry 4.0 principles

The readiness to implement the principles of Industry 4.0 is an important factor for the successful transformation of enterprises. You can successfully implement digitization, intelligent processing or exponential technologies in your company only if you use an open interface and updated software version. Our 2R programme fulfills this assumption without reservation.

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